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Full Marathon Digital Plan

Got your own nutrition covered? Just get the plan! Our experts have written this in depth Full Marathon training plan, perfect for those who are here to talk real business! A full marathon is some serious accomplishment, if you tell somebody 'hey, I ran a marathon' just look at the look on their face, that says it all. Everybody knows a marathon is a big deal, and so do we, which is why we have written this plan.

This step by step plan is written by a professional, somebody who knows what it takes to get through this grueling task. So come on, let us guide you through one of the biggest accomplishments you'll ever achieve, and get you into that hall of fame.

This plan comes as Beginner or Intermediate. If you're planning to train harder and make good times, maybe beat some personal bests, we recommend going for the intermediate plan.

  • The Full Marathon 16 Week Plan:
    • 16-week Full Marathon Training Plan
    • Perfect for progressing athletes
    • Biggest running plan we do
    • Medium to High time investment
    • Step by step, day by day plan

    All of our plans are digital copies, once you place your order your plan will be emailed to you. Why don't we do hard copies? Hard copies get lost, they get damaged and forgotten. With a digital copy it's always with you, on your phone, your tablet or your laptop, making it easy to refer back to and you'll always have it handy!

  • Why should you choose Mile Marker Performance?

    This plan is written by a professional in their field to ensure you will hit your goals 100% of the time as long as you're willing to put in a little work!

    Every plan is written from scratch to ensure each individual plan serves it's purpose. Whether you're a beginner starting out in the running scene or a full blown professional looking to place highly in a competitive race, Mile Marker Performance has you covered, 100% of the time.

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